Extract text/info and copied sequencially into new column


I need a way to do the following:
I have JSON paths in a column and I want to put all the […] existing in separate columns. Please see example


The position are not consistent. So, I am searching for some node that can search for [] and [Side] and afterwards put them sequentially into a columns eg. [], [Side] and then I can take a cell splitter and split by comma.

Hello @11atzitzi -

Here’s what I came up with. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you want to do, but maybe it will help. I basically padded out the ‘[’ and ‘]’ characters with spaces to split on them, then used some ungrouping, row filtering, and regrouping to keep only information between the brackets.

SplitAndUngroupOnSpecificCharsExample.knwf (18.8 KB)


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Hi there!

Just another solution using Column Expressions node. I’m a fan of it :smiley:

Split_JSON_Parameters_From_Path.knwf (10.3 KB)