Extract Tweets from Tweet IDs

I have twitter dataset, but this dataset doesn’t contain actual Tweets (text). Instead dataset has TweetIDs. I want to extract actual tweets (text) based on the tweetsID that I have in the dataset.

Attached is the sample of dataset.

Could anyone please help me with that? Please attach workflow :slight_smile:

Thank you.
TweetIDs.txt (1.6 KB)


you can probably do it using the Twitter API extension. I think the Twitter Search node accepts Twitter ID’s for searches.


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Thanks @Martyna … Yes I am aware of that twitter extension and you are right it does accept Tweeter IDs. But I am being silly, and can’t work around to make it working. Would you mind trying yourself with my attached sample dataset and if you become successful would you mind sharing your workflow here.


I can’t see the workflow, only the tweetIDs.txt

Also, did you check our hub for examples related to twitter topics?
Here are some example workflows which might help too:

Thanks @Martyna … Yes I didn’t include workflow, I only attached tweetIDs.txt file. I was wondering if someone could help me create workflow for me ? I posted my request on hub as well at one of discussion Twitter Data Collection

Hi @mcbenly -

Sorry that I don’t have a workflow to share at the moment, but one idea might be to proceed this way:

  1. process your incoming tweet IDs to have one ID per row in a table
  2. Use the Twitter Search node to query individual tweet IDs
  3. Use a loop and associated flow variables to iterate over the tweet IDs

There is probably a better and more efficient way to do this, but this is the first thing that comes to mind.

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