Extract workflow variables

Good evening,

Supposing I have a .knwf file created by someone, and supposing I'm not interested in knowing how the model has been built, since I just need to run it from batch, is there some way to know the names of workflow variables that are available to be set from batch, so without opening the model with Knime?


For example, I have a test.knwf and I would like a list of all workflow variables' names that I can change to set these parameters from batch. So, supposing there are two variables like these:

-workflow.variable=country, "USA", String


I would need to know their names, so in this case I should have a list or something with "country" and "age".


Thanks a lot!


Opening the file in a ZIP archiver allows you to browse its contents, and somewhere in there there's an XML containing the workflow variable configuration - but it does sound like opening it in KNIME is indeed a lot more convenient, unless you want to script this somehow.