Extracting Data from email


I am creating a report, in which I’m using data from excel files that are email’s attachment. Is there a way to connect my email directly to Knime and to get my data easily without having to download it and then read it as an excel file?



Logging into your email account and downloading the file can be done easily (and automatically) by using Selenium nodes in KNIME.
Then you can read the file and do the other stuff as usual.



Hi @newuser01

a lot of email programs offer the possibility to export emails in mbox format.

And this again can be read with the tika parser node in KNIME. It gives you the full text as well as the attachements.

From where do you want to get the emails?

Cheers, Iris

Hi @newuser01,
there are also the mbox nodes: https://nodepit.com/category/mbox
that are dedicated to reading mbox files.


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Thank you.
I will try to do that and get back to you.

I would like to get them from Outlook.

Hi @newuser01,
Take a look at this article on how to export mails from outlook as mbox:


Could you provide an example workflow of how to check emails / download attachments with Selenium Nodes?

Which mail service do you use?

I use an IMAP service, but I have added it to Gmail and Outlook, either is fine

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I use Outlook on MacOS and want to read and analyse DMARC emails from servers with xml, zip and gz files (containing the xml files).
It is an dedicated mail account.
Do you have any tips for me?
Thank you!