Facebook node Guide?

is someone using the PG Facebook Nodes for KNIME? API Connector and Account Connector nodes are green but I can’t start Facebook Insights Query for example.
ERROR Facebook Insights Query (P&G) 3:8 Execute failed: Please use Account Connector node before Insight Query node
Does anyone have experience it?
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Hi @Aymen

these nodes can only be used within the P&G environment. If you want to use them, you need adapt the source code beforehand.

Best, Iris

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Hi Iris,

thank you for your response.
Hmmm, How could I do that :sweat_smile: ?


Good question!

It starts with downloading eclipse and getting the source code via git hub…

Are you a coder?

Hi @Iris,
If I do that, do I still need to use CLI or write codes? There are many here, https://nodepit.com/category/pg. I don’t see any repo for P&G KNIME in github.com.

Thank you!!

Nodepit is made by a external team. I do not know where they found the source code for the P&G nodes. The P&G nodes are not a community extension which is meant for sharing and reusing with others. On the hub you can find the official KNIME nodes, hence all nodes provided by KNIME or our community contributors

Maybe @qqilihq can help.

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Thank you for your reply, @Iris. Have a nice weekend.

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