Factor Analysis

Is there a way to execute a factor analysis using KNIME?

Thank you.

hi! As far as I know there is not. But can't u use a pricipal component analysis or a multidimensional scaling? Should lead to the same results? There are nodes for these algorithmns.

There is a way to do a factor analysis in R, therefore you can unser the R-node.


1. Unfortunately, PCA (principal component analysis) and multidimensional scaling are similar to (but not the same as) factor analysis, the objective of which is to uncover “structure” in a dataset.

2. I’ll look at the possibility of using R – thanks for the tip.

3. Strike (“Statistical tool for revealing insight and knowledge”) by Schrödinger claims to support factor analysis.  Does anyone have experience with this tool?  Does it integrate into KNIME as a node?

Thank you.

Hi Al,

as I can see this link is unreachable. Please try it!




after 4 years, still is there no possibility of a Factor analysis in Knime?


If I understand it right it’s not possible to do factor analysis, right? (Only PCA).
Are there any other way to do factor analysis, is it possible to run any R package with factor analysis? If yes Do you know which to use? (I’d like to use Equamax-rotation) /GunillaR