Failed to load JNI shared library; jvm.dll

@wiswedel Does the error message sounds recognisable to you?

Someone from the team could reproduce the problem. After diagnosing further it seems the JRE ( = Java) is corrupted – there is a file missing.

Untile we fix the problem (target 4.6.1), the workaround seems to be to install (Visual Studio C++ Redistributable).

Apologies for that! This went unnoticed because most systems have that installed, so it slipped through our tests.


Thank you very much for your reply.
I will wait for the release of 4.6.1 then :grinning:
Do you have any idea of when that version will be released?

Many thanks for your assistance.

There is currently no fixed release date for 4.6.1 – it usually takes until Aug/Sep until the first bug fix release comes up (also depends on whether critical issues come up – this one isn’t super critical because it can be worked around and it only affects few users).

Btw, the fix is in the nightly build – can you verify this one is working as expected?

Hi Wiswedel,

The Nightly version opens without any problems :smiley: :smiley:


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