Fatal error when start KNIME 2.4.2 on Linux (Fedora)

OS:Fedora release 16

I meet a JAVA fatal error when I start KNIME 2.4.2 on my Linux (when loading workbench).

On the same machine, I can run Eclipse_KNIME 2.4.2 very well.

Do I need any special setting for KNIME 2.4.2?

Please check the attached error log file.

I would appreciate your suggestion.



The problem is probably the version of xulrunner which is installed on your system. It seems xulrunner-2 is incompatible with Eclipse 3.6. You can try to install an older version of xulrunner (1.9) and then add


at the end of the knime.ini (adjust the path). You will very likely get the same error in eclipse_knime as soon as you open a view/window that displays an HTML page (e.g. the Eclipse help).


Thank you for your reply.

I installed xulrunner 1.9 and modified KNIME.ini.

Now it works well.

Good to here! Can you tell from where and how you installed the xulrunner-1.9? Then we can make a FAQ entry for all affected users.

I just find FAQ's first answer is for me. LOL

You can find the download from the following url:



(2)unzip the file

(3)modified KNIME.ini

I didn't uninstall xulrunner 2.0, cuz not sure whether others app use it.

I see. I thought/hoped that there was an RPM available. The xulrunner from Mozilla does not seem to be available in 64Bit.

is there a package for 64 bit ready by now?


I don't think so, but http://tech.knime.org/faq#q6 may help you, too.