"Favorite Nodes."

When I use KNIME and check the "Favorite Nodes" tab, the "Most frequently used nodes" and "Last used nodes" items never populate.  I can add five items under the "Personal favorite nodes," but it would be nice to use the most frequently used nodes item because five items are too limiting.

I'm running KNIME 3.1.2. on Windows 8.1 Enterprise.  I've checked File=>Preferences and there weren't any obvious options for the "Favorite Nodes" tab.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Hi Jack,

we never had this problem before. The favourite nodes get only filled if you drag and drop a node from the explorer on the workbench.

Could you take a look into the following file:


There the information about the nodes is saved.

Thank you! Iris 

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Thank you for responding, Iris.

I've checked the file and it was empty.  I can add favorites, and they show in the favoriteNodes.xml file after closing KNIME.  But for whatever reason, the "most frequently used" and "last used" categories are never updated.  I can only imagine this has something to do with (1) KNIME's code for writing to this file, or (2) a conflict between KNIME and Windows user rights.

In the big scheme of things, it's not important.  I was curious to know if others were experiencing the same problem.

(Note: I recently posted about the File Reader node adding an empty last line to imported data -- I just assume there are minor coding bugs in KNIME, and I've usually found a workaround.)

Thanks once again for your help.