Feature Calculator (BETA)

ERROR Feature Calculator (BETA) 0:56       Execute failed: net.imagej.ops.slicewise.Hyperslice.<init>(Lnet/imagej/ops/OpService;Lnet/imglib2/RandomAccessibleInterval;[IZ)V

I got this error just yet, but I made no changes to my settings. I will try a reboot in a while but just thought to let you guys know.

Restarting KNIME didn't solve the problem...

Are you on the nightly build?


No, I only took the Tess4J from the nightly build, after that I turned it off again.

Only trusted and Stable are updating.

I think KNIME automatically updates all of the packages if you enable the nightly build update-site. Can you update all with the nightly build and see if the error still occurs?



Doing so now. I think it downloads everything, but the next step is a menu, there I only picked the Tess4J associated stuff, instead of everything. I now update everything.

Updating solved it. Thanks.

great. sorry for the hassle. with the nightly build things like this may happen.

Strange things happened, now the FeatureCalculator works, however it threw out my manually copied macro from its folder, and therefore my workflow stopped working...


Edit: found the error. The nightly build put in a new ImageJ v1 folder, so it is now not found, but it is still present in the old folder.