Feature Calculator | Ferrets diameter vs Major Axis

Ferets Diameter (Geometric Features 2D) Major Axis (Geometric Features 2D)
216,7602362 220,9591788
784,0516565 797,0321705
133,454112 131,2593031
116,0775603 115,9898389

I have above table. Now if I understand correctly what I read about these two measurements is that Ferets Diameter usually is th emost accurate. Now I wonder how it can be that it deviates positive and negative from the Major Axis, and therefore wonder how accurate the data of the Minor Axis is, as that is the widest line perpendicular to the Major Axis. Anyone that could shine a bit of light on this matter?

Hi Luuk,

I don't have a direct explanation, but we will look into this and let you know!

Thanks for reporting!


Hey Christian,

I think it has something to do with the stepsize of the rotation. At least that is what I got from reading about Ferrets Diameter. It has a certain stepsize, and if the largest diameter falls in between certain steps you will never find it I think.