feature elimination Node / Decision Tree Prediction failed


I have a problem with the feature elimination Node. It stops with the following fault:


WARN  DecisionTreeNodeSplitPMML   Decision Tree Prediction failed. Could not find branch for row 'Row45839: …

WARN  Backward Feature Elimination Filter     No features selected yet

ERRORBackward Feature Elimination End  Execute failed: This node cannot handle missing values


What am I doing wrong?



Hi Marvin,

if seems that the domain of your training data for the decision tree does not match the domain of the input data for the decision tree predictor. For a data row with "new" values it is possible that the decision tree predictor cannot perform a prediction and hence returns a missing value as prediction which cannot be handled by the feature elimination node.

The easiest workaround for you is to append a "Missing Value" node to the predictor and remove the rows with missing values.