Feature Idea: Component Status Message Node

When a long-running component is executing, the only feedback the user gets is an indeterminate progress bar with the status message “Executing”. It would be nice if a node would be developed that would allow the component designer to update the progress status message of the component. These nodes could be inserted in the component wherever needed to indicate what’s happening in the component.
Thanks, Don


Let’s assume this node would be a widget. Then we could use this widget also to communicate updates during workflow execution in WebPortal workflows. Nice idea, will make sure to communicate that back to the team!


Along the same lines, it would be useful to be able to set the progress bar of the component node to a defined value. So when I have a loop inside the component, and I know this loop takes about 80% of the entire component time, I can set the progress e.g. to (currentIteration / maxIterations) * 0.8 somewhere inside the loop.