feature importance for prediction

Hello everybody

ı m new to knime platform . ı have a questions. ı want to make a prediction my table so ı need to feature selection

ı prefer feature importance method because it’s better than all but ı dont know feature selection in knime platform

how sould ı do

ı using


Hi @BerkayAkar ,

thanks for reaching out and being so active on the forum.

I saw that you have quite a lot of questions regarding quite a few topics and how KNIME covers them.

May I present to you the self-paced KNIME courses: https://knime.learnupon.com/

There you can click through interactive lessons with explanatory videos and learn about all sorts of cool features, depending on your use-case. They are completely free and you will find the exercise workflows and solutions linked in each lesson.

I hope these will answer many of your questions.

All the best


thanks for advice sir have a nice day

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