Feature proposal - pop-up window requiring login... but which login

I often get multiple successive login windows when starting Knime or some specific workflows.
Unfortunately, it is not clear what node or service or proxy is requiring this login. Could be interesting to know where the request is coming from to know what user/pswd to type? after the text “Connect to…” for instance.
BTW, can someone confirm the Example Server does not require anymore to login with guest/guest?

Hi @szawadski

If a workflow requires credentials, e.g. through a Credentials Input quickform, you will know the variable name of said input. See here:


In this case, the variable name is “cred-new”, so it would be up to the developer of the workflow to specify a name that can be easily associated with a certain input.

The login window from your screenshot seems to come from a proxy that has been configured. Do you have multiple proxies configured, so that there could be some confusion what this prompt refers to?

To answer your last question, yes, the Example Server does not require any login. You can just double-click it in the repository and you’ll be able to see the content


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Thanks for your answer.
I have indeed 2 lines in my proxy configuration. The HTTPS is a priori not needed. I will try to untick it but

I still get the pop-up, although not as repetitively as before. And I can just cancel the pop-up.
I will do some more testing but at least, it is now much better than before. Thanks again.

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