Feature request: Add support for spreadsheetName Flow Variable for Google Sheets

Hi there -

I’m attempting to component-ize a function that includes Google Sheet nodes. I am finding that it’s essentially impossible to pass in a sheet name dynamically. These nodes need the spreadsheetId, and just passing a flow variable value into the spreadsheetName parameter does nothing.

It would be great if these components were able to take just take the spreadsheetName, and then of course error out if nothing is found at execution time to match the name.

Alternatively, adding another type of node that would check for the existence of a google sheet with a given name (pass in via a flow variable), and return the google spreadsheet ID if found would also help fill the gap here.


Hi @scottb,

thank you for your input. I have created a ticket for this in our internal ticketing system (for internal reference AP-17528).

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