Feature request around molecule string input quick form

The existing molecule string input quick form node is rather clumsy in that the output is as a variable.

this means if you draw in multiple molecules, they are all stuck within one variable and requires a messy set of nodes to do column splitting, then column aggregation, and then ungrouping just to get these molecules in a series of rows.

this node would really have been better to be outputting the molecules in a column rather than aas a variable. Can this feature be added to this node, or a new node designed for this purpose.

it took me hours to untangle multiple molecules in SDF format into separate cells, and then for these to be as SDF cell domains. Not user friendly at all. 




I guess that the previous posted comment seems to be mistaken...???

Anyway, if you use the MarvinSketch node with the molecule string input quick form, you can get these molecules in a series of rows.

You can use the Output options and molecule variable.

Hope this helps.



Ahh, that makes sense. I was not using the Marvin Sketcher after the Molecule String Input. I was going straight from the Quickform Molecule String Input to a Molecule TypeCast node.

Thanks very much for the help.

Greatly appreciated.