Feature request: auto-save workflow


it would be nice to have an auto save function of a workflow that one could easily be enabled or disabled and configured (time interval). 

I am sorry to say this, but I have lost sooo many hours of work over the past years working with KNIME now. Especially when clicking very fast KNIME doesnt respond anymore at some point (pizza wheel!). It could be the case that this is just a MAC thing, anyway although I have it in mind to click "save" regularly, I at some point I forget it and then it can happened that I loose an hour of KNIMing. It cant be memory size, it happens to some of my collegues as well, there is no error message, the chance definately increase with larger and more complex workflows, I dont know if other out there experience similar things, ...and then you have to start your workflow from the scratch.

Please dont get me wrong. I think KNIME is an amazing piece of software, I really like it and you are all doing a very good job. But an auto save function would have saved me so much more time (and nerves!). Ideally there would be as well the option to auto-save only changes in the workflow, meaning only new nodes their configuration, but no data. Then the workflow could be opened as a last "user saved" version and joined with the "auto saved" changes. 



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Hi Martin, 

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for your frustration.  What operating system are you using by the way?

We have logged your request for an autosave feature, and it has generated a preliminary discussion internally regarding how this might best be implemented.  I think we may see something added along these lines before too long.  




Another common feature that would be neat to have is "Recent workflows" in the File menu, just lke recently opened files in many software. 


Hi Aaron,

thank a lot! I am working with a Mac version 10.6.8, 8GB ram, Intel core duo 2.53 GHz. About one and a half years ago I switched from WinXP to Mac and finally had the impression that on Mac Knime was less stable, but I might be wrong because then there was also the Java version problem on Mac or my workflows became more complex...!?



Martin, thanks for that info.  Could you please try adding the following line to the knime.ini file located in you knime installation directory?


InSillico I have logged your request as well.



Another supporter of a configurable auto-save feature here.

My colleague is shouting at his XP laptop at this very moment for an hour of lost Knime work due to a crash.

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I also support that as I have lost a lot of work due to my permanent computer crashes :)

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This sounds like a good idea on the face of it.  


As the OP pointed out, the feature would have to be configurable (e.g. 'no-data' option - and definitely an 'off' option) in order to make it workable; some of my workflows take minutes to save (with data) - an unconfigurable auto-save would be a huge hindrance to productivity with workflows like these.

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Yeah, you really need to implement auto-save function, because same thing happens to me quite often. I blame Java! :)



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I have the same issue and it is very frustrating.

Autosave needed


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Autosave will be available in 2.10 (due to in summer '14).

Whats about a 'Save Workflow'-node?

Would that be useful?

best regards

PS: Good news!!! Thank you for the effort that you put into that!