Feature request: Better Arrays manipulation


it would be very usefull to integrate Knime with more powerfull arrays manipulation/comparison features (the same that we can fine in Python). For example:

1) List in ascending or descending order the array (not necessary alphabetical order)

b,a,d -> d,a,b

2) List in descending alphabetical order (currently it is possible only in ascending alphabetical order)

3) Extract one or more elements from the array

4) Compare the Nth element of one list with other Nth element of the other lists


Any chance to see any of them implemented in the future? The creation of a node called Array Manipulation (or Collection Manipulation) could help a lot.

Thanks in advance






Hi iiiaaa,

I just opened a feature request for you. I like the idea and will let you know if there is any progress on it.

Best, Iris

Thanks you Iris! I think that also a Loop on elements of an Array would be usefull avoiding splitting the array in many columns.

Thank you.



Are there any news on this?

Thanks in advance