Feature Request: Click on node connector to see data

I have a long history with Alteryx and have grown quite fond of Knime and its ability to take on very complex problems that I even struggled to do in Alteryx.

A feature I do miss from Alteryx is the ability to click on a node connector and see the data rather than going back to the original node. Sometimes the original node can be quite a distance away and I would like to configure Node “B” but see the data from Node “A”

Clicking on the output of Node A would show the same as clicking on the input of Node B. The data shown in the node monitor would reflect this click so that when I am configuring Node B, I can easily see the input data from Node A.

Screenshot 2020-12-30 070001


Screenshot 2020-12-30 070001|294x192

Hi @nbt1032b

thank you for this idea. We will add this to our list of requested features.

Best, Iris

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Thanks for considering it. Is there a public available roadmap to track new features?

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