Feature Request: Colored Connections

I have a very large and complex Workflow with hundreds of nodes. As you can imagine, connecting these nodes makes the canvas a large bowl of spaghetti.

Can you please add a feature where we can color code the connections? This will be very highly useful for such large and complex workflows. in addition to this, it would be great if we can format the connection - larger lines, dotted lines etc.

Many thanks.


I like the idea :slight_smile:


Hi @sw1336,
I like the idea of colored connections too, but why do you have hundreds of nodes on the same workflow level?
I really like to organize my workflows by grouping it with Meta Nodes and Wrapped Metanodes, this usually helps a lot to reduce the amount of spaghetti in the workflow :smiley:



Hi @gabriel,

Yes, I do have multiple Meta Nodes and Wrapped Metanodes, but it is still a very large bowl of Spaghetti.

And also, when developing the logic on the workflow, i do like to play around with it in the main canvas so that I can see the overall flow instead of having to go in and out of multiple Meta Nodes…

Hello @sw1336,

colored connections when node is selected are here with 4.2. KNIME version!
https://www.knime.com/changelog-v42 (AP-13833)

For configuring colors go File --> Preferences --> KNIME --> KNIME GUI --> Workflow Editor



Yeah, I noticed it with the new update. LOVE IT!! thanks for implementing.

Now, it will be interesting if the user has the capability to permanently color the connections according to the user’s wishes.

This is a great start. :ok_hand:

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