Feature request: combine columns/split cells and Value Counter


it would be nice if the combine column node could handle optionally the new header name in the same way as the content of the columns. If one had a check box next to the field “Name of appended column” and then the node would automatically use the header names of the combined columns and the separator to generate the new name for the appended column. This would allow you as well to implement the same functionality in the split cell node to generate automatically the new header names of the split columns. In this way it would be very easy to combine and split columns without renaming columns al the time. At the moment the initial header names get always lost. If you have many columns it is a pain to give new names to headerName_Arr[0],headerName_Arr[1],headerName_Arr[2],headerName_Arr[4],… and without renameing it is a mess.

The other feature wish would be to get the RowID of the value counter node optionally as column data. I use this node frequently to start a looping for all occuring values of a column and I am not really interested in the count values. Then I need to use the rowID node to make all occuring values available as variables. It would be convienient to have the RowID functionality in the Value Counter.