Feature request: Create virtual drives in KNIME

One feature that would be nice to use in combination with External Tool nodes would be a node which could be used to map an existing directory to a new virtual drive.  Workflows using external executables can suffer from the problem that installation paths for executables differ between users and machines....and one way around this is the windows shell command "subst"

for example if for some reason I wanted to use a commandline version of Handbrake within KNIME, I could map a drive S: to my installation folder, and then interactively configure the workflow to use the path S: instead of C:\Program Files\Handbrake

subst s: "C:\Program Files\Handbrake"

It would be a big +1 for me if this functionality could be implemented directly within KNIME - at the moment I am having to use cmd or custom .bat files to do this, and run them prior to executing workflows.