Feature request: drag&drop folder = List files node


the "drag & drop files to the workflow" feature is a cool thing and saves a lot of my time browsing files! It would be cool if upon droping a folder the List files node would show up with the path of that folder already selected.




Hi Martin,

Nice idea, thanks for the suggestion.  I've added this to our tracking system.  I don't think this will make the summer release, but we do plan on fleshing out the drag and drop functionality in the near(ish) future. 

Best Regards,

Aaron Hart, KNIME.com

Request seconded - please also look into handling other supported, but unhandled formats (.xlsx for XLS Reader doesn't work right now, for example).

I've also parsed pptx and docx as the zipped raw XMLs they are, so giving that option for (even cleverly detected) XML-based formats would be nice. Known, better readers should be preferred though - mostly you'll want xlsx cell contents, not just any Excel metadata hidden in the XML.