Feature Request: End Loop safely

Hi all,
I was wondering whether it could be possible to add a feature to all “Loop End” nodes. Beside “Cancel” and “Stop execution”, would it be possible to add a “End Loop safely” or the like?
This feature would allow to finish in any moment running the loop without loosing the data (e.g. Column or Row adding) produced until that time point.
Clearly one could implement an If check for early stop, but sometimes the user does not know the condition where makes sense to exit the loop. With this feature one could skip any if check in case (through a stop and a step execution, one would realise that the loop is over and that there is no more data which could be possibly be added: a nice time saving feature…
What do you think?
Best regards
Andrea Zaliani

Hi Andrea,

I agree that this would be a nice feature to have. It is also technically possible, so I’ve added this as a feature request.