Feature request: extend workspace to right and/or bottom


I often face the problem, that I would like to continue my workflow to the right or to the bottom, but there is not "space" anymore (see this: lowerrightcorner.png).

Scolling further to the right/down doesnt work because there arent any nodes yet. Then I start dragging and dropping nodes further right or towards the bottom (actually outside the workspace) to create more space. Then that node is not visible anymore and I have to scroll right/down to actually be able to use the "created" space, however that node stays to be as close to the right/bottom border as it was before (see this: lowerrightcornernodemoved.png).

I find that behaviour a bit annoying, is there a different way to "create" space?

If not I and would like to suggest to use the small square below the right scroll bar and to the right of the bottom scroll bar as button to generate space. Clicked ones, it extends and shifts the workspace to the right and to the bottom (see this: lowerrightcornerwithspace.png). Several clicks create more space...

Alternatively, one could think of  pressing a button like shift, alt or ctrl while dragging the scroll bar to the right or down to create the space that is needed.



ps: yes, I know and use meta nodes, but some workflows are very long and complicated, so that even within the meta nodes I face the same problem...



Hi Martin,

Thanks for the detailed description. I've created a feature request in our system. I'll post back here with more details as they come.



Hi Martin,

I got this back from our developers:

"If you drag a node or a connection (while you create it) and move your mouse cursor to the border (~0.5cm close to the border - but stay within the editor area) and then keep the mouse button down the editor will automatically scroll."

Hope that helps,