[Feature Request] Failing Node Flow Variable

Hey folks,

the Try and Catch Errors nodes are very useful when working with nodes that can fail from time to time. The problem is, that the corresponding flow variables are only present in case an error occured.

I would really appreciate to have them each time the Catch Errors node is executed. You can assign some default values to them like "none" for the FailingNode variable because that makes controlling a workflow much easier.


Hi Marc,

a few days ago I had the same problem, and I will put it on our list.

Cheers, Iris


Iris, thank your very much for considering it! :-)

Hey Iris,

please let me note, that this would be useful for the Catch Errors (Var Ports) node as well. I use this node to catch errors that occur using the XML Writer node.

Thank you very much!

Hi Marc,

we just fixed this for 2.11 for all of the Catch nodes.

Cheers, Iris

Thanks a lot, this is great!