Feature Request: File Reader

Hello Knime team,

I would really love to have a simple file reader!

You would say: there IS a file reader node already.  Ok, but I merely want to read the contents of a *single* file into a *single* cell, no more and no less.

I saw a couple of valuable forum entries to do this with the document parser, but this feels like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.

Proposal: How about extending the file reader node by a simple checkbox: "read as-is into a single cell"?

Comfort feature would be, to also specify the column type.


Many thanks,


Hi Frank,

there is a node for this in the Vernalis community extension. It is called Load Text Files. 

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

yipiiiieeeehhh, you made my day!

How often I was searching for a node for this trivial task.

Best, Frank

Thanks Iris, Thanks Frank!

We spent years doing all sorts of nasty looping and grouping tricks which is why we eventually wrote it!


Hi Steve,

I have to admit, I really like it, I use it for my own work as well :-)


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