Feature request for a slider quickform


please can we have a quick form node which utilises a slider bar for the user who can select a value from a minimum to maximum range which increases in set increments, as defined within the quick form node config box.



Hi Simon, thanks fo rthe request, I have logged it in our system.  I will also mention that we are working on a generic JS quickform node which would enable you to contstruct all sorts of cool cusom UI elements. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for the information. That sounds really great!!

One would assume that you have been on holiday recently, and now have a glut of bugs and feature requests from me to reply to. How cruel of the rest of the KNIME team to leave all these for you to deal with. They owe you a beer :-)


Very observant, yes the holiday was nice.  As for the beer, I have never seen the fridge here empty, so I can't complain too much :)




Hi KNIME team,

is there now some slider input available? I can't seem to find it in the Quickforms nodes.

It would be great to have both a single value input with optional slider, as well as a range input with adjustable min/max by sliders, for use in Quickforms.


Does anything like this exist?



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Coming really soon now I believe...! ;-)


I could find the single value range slider, however the slider rendering is only available in the interactive view

Not in the node configuration view

Can we expect some change on that ?

Other question that @imagejan posted above, would it be possible to have a range slider with 2 output values : lower and upper bounds ?
It would be perfect with the range filter node :blush:


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The ‚ÄėRange Slider Filter Definition‚Äô node will give you a slider with two bounds. The bounds are appended to the output table as a ‚Äėfilter definition‚Äô on the appropriate column. If the filter should be applied to the data (or other data) use a ‚ÄėFilter Apply‚Äô or ‚ÄėFilter Apply Row Splitter‚Äô node somewhere downstream from the slider.



Nice thanks for the tip !
I guess the filter definition relies on the column name to know on which column to apply the filter.
My idea is to collect the lower and upper threshold at the beginning of the workflow, together with a set of parameters/quickform nodes and to apply this filter later in the workflow.
So I created an empty column with an identical name than the target column, it seems to do the trick (workflow attached).

However similarly to the single value slider, the rendering is only available in the interactive view, and only once the node is executed. I guess it is because it depends on the input table…

In my particular case, I know that the range slider has to be bound between 0-1. It would be nice to have a similar node that can be rendered like the other quickform nodes, ie without the need to execute it first :stuck_out_tongue:

RangeSlider.knwf (15.0 KB)