Feature request: freeze columns in table

Hello Knimers,

Imo a useful functionality enhancement to a plain output table with many columns would be the ability to freeze a selected number of columns from the left, which would then always be visible when scrolling to the right. This would correspond to the ‘Freeze panes…’ functionality in Excel. Excel also allows to freeze rows but this is less useful i a Knime table, since seeing the column headers should be enough.

Thank you/Evert


Hi @evert.homan_scilifelab.se

nice idea, I really like this!
I opened a feature request for this (Internal reference: AP-15949)

There was a inofficial official sneak peak of what we are working on at the summit, were those requests really nicely fit in.


Great, looking forward to see and test sometime next year maybe?

Happy holidays/Evert

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