feature request: hierarchical tabs

In the main view that shows the workflow we can have many tabs showing the workflows or sub-workflows.
It would be nice if the hierarchies of the projects <-> subworkflows (meta-workflows) would be reflected with the tabs as well.
I.e. I have two workflows open with each 5 meta workflows one inside the other. (workflow contains meta-workflow, contains meta workflow, contains meta-workflow…) I would then like to see the two top level workflows and then for the selected workflow five sub-tabs each on a new “line” kind of on top of each other.
When dealing with many levels this will take a lot of window space, but then you can undock a given window. I believe the level of organization you gain is worth this! Right now I am struggling with this as I have two very similar workflows open and I don’t know which parent a given meta-workflow belongs to…

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for considering it…