[feature request] Image output port from plot views



Views from plots like the ROC plot and/or Scatter plots (for example) are great in KNIME as they're interactive and allow a reasonable degree of customisation.  However, I can only find a manual way of generating images from these (that is to go to "File" and then "Export" in the menu).  This alone is useful, though when you have to repetatively do this (and at fixed sizes) it gets tedious as one can imagine.


Looking at the JFreeChart nodes (in particular I'll note the heatmap which I'm finding rather useful as it automatically generates images, which you can then use KNIME to save as files automatically), I find it a little odd that the other nodes don't exhibit this functionality. 


I haven't found any previous examples on the forum directly related to this request, other than perhaps this:



Thus to summarise, this' about automated image output in the more "specialist" plot types :-)


Thanks in advance,