Feature request: Input nodes should set custom node descriptions

HI, I’m new here, I’ve been tormented for a long time. I have this file on the computer. Let’s say: 03/30/2020_Nuke.csv I open the name NODE 01 in KNIME. How can I make the name automatically show from the bottom?

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Hi and welcome - this is a fine idea - I’ve entered a JIRA issue for this RFE. (internal: AP-13944)



do you want this as a general option or only if you’d drag and drop that file into your workflow?

Welcome. Is it possible to add such functionality?

I want it to be a General option. But, for the person to control it himself, put a check mark somewhere in the interface. Do it by default or do it with your own name.

Do you know something like this?

There is nothing in KNIME which currently does this automatically for you, but I have made a ticket in our system to implement it.

thank you very much.

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