Feature request: ListCells in java snippets

Good Afternoon

I ran into an issue while writing a Java snippet. If I have a ListCell made up of a single DataType (StringCell, IntCell) then this is available at a String[] or Integer[] Java type in the snippet., However, If I have a mixed type and therefore the ColumnType is ListCell (Collection of: DataCell) I get a String as the Java Type in the java snippet. 

Would it be possible instead to get a String[] where the toString() of the DataCell is used to populate this Array? Or even just get an Object[] type back? 

What I wanted was get the length of the Array so for that use case having the Array was the important part not the contents. So maybe what Java Type is used is open to discussion, but an Array of that type would be useful for me. 




P.S. I can do this using the Java snippet (simple)