Feature Request: Loop End More than 2 ports with "Allow changing specification"


it would be very usefull to have Loop End Node with more than 2 ports with the feature "Allow changing specification".



The Loop End nodes already have an option "allow changing specifications" and an option "allow variable column types" (KNIME 3.2).

I will pass along your request for more ports in the Loop End node.



I think there are more loop nodes in the Vernalis community extension, including some that have more in and outputs.

Thank you both. In Vernalis there are nodes with more inputs and outputs but without the feature:  "Allow changing specification". This means that they are unusefull in some cases.

Thanks. Regards

Thanks for this feedback (and the publicity, Bernd!).  I will take a look and see if we can get something sorted with our loop end nodes to match the functionality in the next few days.


Thank you very much Steve

No problem.  I think I have it working - I want to try a few more tests before releasing it into the wild, hopefully later today.

At the moment, in common with all the KNIME 'core' loop end nodes, the options around 'Row key policy' and 'Add iteration column' are applied globally to all tables, whereas the Ignore empty tables/Allow changing table specs options are applied on a port-by-port basis.  Would it be useful to have all policies applied on a port-by-port basis?


Thank you very much Steve. I think it could be usefull to have all policies applied on a port basis because it can happend that you have different requirement for each port.

Many thanks

No problem.  It will be released to the nightly tomorrow once testing is all complete, with the Row ID Policy and Iteraction Column options separated for each port.

I will reply here again when the update is available


This update is now live in the nightly build.  I will transfer to the stable builds in the next 24 hours or so.

If you notice any problems with it, please let me know!



Many Thanks Steve! I'll try it!

I updated Knime to the last version and I installed all the Vernalis extensions but I don't find the update. How can I download it?


It should be available in the nightly builds of the community update site - if you dont already have it, you will need to add http://update.knime.org/community-contributions/trunk to your update sites. (See https://tech.knime.org/community for instructions)

I will transfer to stable builds next week.


It is now also available in versions 3.1 and 3.2 (and ready and waiting for 3.3 when that arrives too)