Feature Request: Make Row Filter multithreaded

Row Filter node could get huge speed-up by making it multi-threaded. There should not be an issue since there is no interdependence between rows.

What makes you believe that it will be faster?

Ok. Fair question. Since each operation is fairly trivial/fast the benefit of more threads could be little and IO could be the limiting factor.  I guess that is your point? 



Indeed, I believe that reading and writing the rows takes considerably more time than the actual filtering. In addition you would have synchronisation overhead between the threads. Probably it would be faster if our table format allowed for random access but currently you can only read (and write) sequentially row-by-row from the beginning.

Can confirm. aprox. 450'000 rows and 2 row filters in succession:

2min 50s

wrapped node with streaming:

1min 30s

Yeah always forget how important having good IO (fast SSD) is for KNIME.