Feature request: Marketplace client


I am not sure whether it is intentional or the marketplace client was just not included during the updates of eclipse versions... Would you consider adding the marketplace client feature to the KNIME SDK?

Also, do you plan to distribute the SDK/client through the eclipse marketplace (or a separate KNIME marketplace)? (It might be easier to find some of the nodes, but I guess the need is not so large, as the community contributions are easily installable with the update site too.)

Thanks, gabor

We don't have any plans to do so. In contrast to most other Eclipse plug-ins KNIME is a standalone application and installing it into an Eclipse SDK usually doesn't make much sense.

Besides, it should be easy to install the marketplace client into a KNIME SDK yourself?

Sure, it is easy to install, it is in the eclipse update site. Actually, that is the first thing I usually do with the SDK. That is why I asked for it. :) I understand it might not worth the change.