Feature Request: metanode configuration from within the metanode

It would be great to have a feature where you could configure the metanode from inside that metanode. For instance, if you decide you need to create another outport for data. At the moment, you have to exit the metanode and configure outside.

It would be nice to configure by clicking on the outport panel likeso


I can open a feature request for this.

Is there a reason you do not like editing it from the outside?

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Hi @Iris, thanks for the feedback. it’s not that I dislike editing outside. There are times however when I am working inside the metanode and I realize I need to make an edit to configuration and I have to exit the node. It’s just a lot of extra clicking. I would like to cut the down steps just a little bit.


And I would say same for components too


Just to add another voice here, I too believe this would be a valuable addition.


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+1 here, would be awesome

Hi all, ticket AP-16289 has been created for this feature request. :+1: