Feature request: More filter definition nodes


Just a quick feature request: could we please have more filter definition nodes?

I ask because currently the only node that can generate a filter definition is the Range Slider Filter Definition node. Ultimately what I'm after is more options for dynamically filtering data within a wrapped meta node. For example, I'd like a choice made in a Value Selection quickform node to change the options available in a subsiquent (in terms of the workflow) quickform node, shown on the same wrapped meta node view. I've seen this demonstrated using the Range Slider, but it doesn't seem possible for catagorised data.



Hi Richard!

sure I just opened this for you in our bug tracking system.

It would be really useful. Like having one page of a very long report.

Cheers, Iris

Hi, is it possible to get an example of how to use the range filter node dynamically? It seems to want to run my entire wrapped metanode every time I want to filter and so do all my other quickform-ish nodes. I am trying to figure out how to get the slider on the chart to modify the chart as I move the slider.

Thank you.