Feature Request: More Powerfull Joiner


in my opinion it would be good to have a more powerfull Joiner node with the following features:

1) Currently it is only possible to choose between "Match all of the following" or "Match any of the following". It is not possible to do something combined like: 

A1 = A2 AND (B1=B2 OR C1=C2)


2) The following simple SQL query is hard to do in knime:


FROM Table1 a


Table2 b

ON a.Field1 like Concat ('%',b.Field2,'%')

OR b.Field2 like Concat ('%',a.Field1,'%')


I know that there are some nodes to do similarity search, calculation of distances and subset match. But if I only want to join two tables on two fields where one is contained in the other (and vice versa) it becomes difficult with knime.

Thanks in advance



Hi iiiaaa,

you could do this with two joiners and a concatenate node.

First joiner joins on A1 = A2 AND (B1=B2)

Second joiner joins on A1 = A2 AND (C1=C2)

Afterwards concatenate the two results and chose in the configuration dialog to skip rows for the duplicate row ID handling.

Best regards, Iris

Hi Iris,

thank you very much! This is a good approach for the request number 1 even if a built in feature could help a lot in more complicated combinations.

May I ask you what you think about the second request?



yes the second request is a open feature request. I added a +1.

I will keep you posted as soon as I have more news about it.

Best, Iris

Thank you!



any news regarding this?