[feature request] optionally provide a class prediction threshold in predictor nodes


Currently, class prediction / assignment is based on a fixed class probability threshold of 0.5, a not so practical value for real world classification applications. For now, class prediction can be changed a posteriori to the predictor node using Rule Engine. While this provides at least a working solution, the latter can be inconvenient due to the need to manually provide the possible values of the target variable, which is a source of error, and in addition unpractical when the target variable has more than two possible outcomes.



Hi Geo,

I just opened a feature request in our bug tracing system.

However, it would mean adapting all of our predictor nodes. Is there any specific predictor you would need this for?

Best, Iris 

Thank you, Iris!

This is a feature that will provide a huge convenience for any predictor node used for classification. Therefore, it is difficult to name a specific predictor.

Best, George