[feature request] Output node execution time



After reading this:



It seems a little awkward that you have to put 2 java snippet nodes flanking the node in question just to measure the execution time.  I know the node's execution time is output onto the console, but it's rather awkward having to copy and paste this value for the number of times that an experiment is re-ran for example. 


Also, this method is misleading when nodes execute in parallel (i.e - one node in the 2 pipelines will execute first and then the other will execute.  If the first is the one being timed then the measured time will actually represent the run-time of the first and second nodes!).


So as a request, it'd be awesome if the time would be output automatically as a flow variable or whatever as a default KNIME option for all nodes (via the GUI I guess), sort of like the "memory policy" tab that you see by default for KNIME nodes.  This' be so useful for benchmarking various chemoinformatics search techniques for example.


As a java programmer I could simply program time measurement into the nodes I want, but I request this on behalf of non-programmers :-)


Thanks in advance,