Feature Request - Parameter Optimization Loop for Numeric, Binary and String varables


I think it would be very usefull for the learning phase of an algorithm to have the Parameter optimization Loop (Start and End) with a feature the is able to include not only numeric parameters but also binary (for check box) and String (for drop down menu).

Thanks in advance


I'd like it, but String features seem difficult to logically increment... What you can do is to cross-join tables containing possible values, and then iterate over the result with "TableRow to Variable Loop Start". It won't normally stop on a min or max value like the optimization loop can, but this is often optional / unhelpful anyway.


I did this once by having a assigment table. You need to have some order otherwise it cannot be stepped.

A assignment table would contain of all values and a counter.

Than you generate a integer parameter and filter the assignment table to get only the currently investigated value.

Binary is in theory the same as integer. It is an integer with min of 0 and max of 1.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris, would you have an example flow demonstrating this? Thanks, Remmert