Feature request: Please streamline "combining" and "concatenating"

Dear KNIMErs,

This should be a simple, but useful one: I'd like to see the "Column Combiner" node and the "Column Aggregator" and "GroupBy" nodes learn from each other.

Firstly, "Column Aggregator" allows to "Remove Aggregated Columns", which the "Combiner" does not - please add. Secondly, "Column Combiner" has a quotation option (on by default), but the concat functions of "Column Aggregator" and "GroupBy" do not have any - please add, especially to GroupBy. It's really useful to collapse lists into concatenated lists with custom separators and quotation marks for injection into code, and it's a shame that KNIME currently only supports this for columns, but even without truly collapsing the result into a single column without subsequent filtering.


Hi E,

thanks for the useful suggestion. I have opened up feature requests for both suggestions and we will consider them for one of the next feature releases.