Feature request: Reference column/row splitter

Dear KNIMErs,

Another feature request not quite expected for 2.11... :-) It'd be great to get "reference column/row splitter" nodes, rather than only filtering on a reference table.

Typical use case:

  • Create reference table using some advanced filter logic
  • Use it to filter rows or (more typically) columns
  • Do something to filtered table, do something else (or nothing) to unfiltered table
  • Re-join split table 

Having to have two "reference filter" nodes (one w/include, one w/exclude) for this is manageable, but not really elegant. :-)


I agree and it doesn't sound like an unreasonable amount of extra work to extend the existing nodes.  I've opened a ticket for you. 




TY! :)


Good call, something I have wanted too for existing nodes here to be extended with a second outport.