[Feature Request] "Reply To" and custom headers in Send Mail Node

Hi all,

the “Send Mail” node works fine but can be advanced in 2 points IMHO:

  1. Add a field “Reply to” which does and means exactly that. Standard according to IETF RFC2822 chapter 3.6.2 (rfc2822)
  2. Add the possibility to add own header fields (each one in the format fieldname:value). This request can be a little bit more tricky as it is not that strong defined, so perhaps add this in a second step after reply-to. It’s very useful for machinal extraction, e.g. together with a ticketing system.


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Hi @Jrole,

I’ve got some good news for you. “Reply to” functionality has just been added and is already available in the nightly build (in case you want to give it a try). It will be officially released with the 4.5 release of KNIME AP.

Filed another feature request for the custom header fields.


Very cool, thanks a lot @marten_kose :slight_smile:

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