feature request: simpler node connections


When you draw a link between two nodes you have to select the output port of the first node and pull the link to the input port of the second. It could be sometimes uneasy when the two nodes are distant. The solution adopted in some soft wares is : you click on the output port of the first node and simply click on the input port of the second one without pulling.

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Hi Fabien,

you are totally right, this is always a little bit cumbersome. We will have a very cool connection feature in the next release (But I don't want to babble too much)

how do you mean you just click on the ports without dragging, is there some additional key involved? 

Cheers, Iris

Hi Iris,

Just clicking on the output port of the first node and after that on the input port of the second node.

Best regards.

Hello, was this or similar idea implemented?

Didn't find the way to connect the invisible on one screen ports.


Let me show what I mean.


Sometimes when you build big workflows you can't connect the nodes that are far from each other  (please check the gif)

It is Windows 10.


Possible solutions that I see:

1) when I drag the row (or node) out of the workflow visible window - the workflow visible window is moving towards the way I move the mouse;

2) Possibility to easily change scale of the workflow visible window by clicking Ctrl + mouse wheel;

3) the idea that Fabien wrote before.


It will be ideal to have all the above UI ideas implemented. 

The way it works now is a big pain point for me.

Hope somebody from KNIME will see my message and react.

You did a great job, guys, and I'm always happy to recommend KNIME to colleagues. 


Thanks in advance

Thanks for your suggestions, we noted your feature requests.

Was any feature implemented to address this ?

HI kshiwram,

  • you can Zoom the wokflow easily by using CTRL + mouse wheel
  • you can select two nodes (SHIFT + click on the two nodes you want to select) and then hit CTRL + L (or chose that option in the right-click menu)



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