Feature Request: String to Date&Time should be able to extract date from date&time string

If I have got a string representation of a timestamp and I’m supposed to work with its date portion in a subsequent part of my workflow then I have to filter the time part e.g. using a String Manipulation node before using a String to Date&Time. The more columns to convert I have the more String Manipulation nodes I’m going to end up with.

I think String to Date&Time node should get capable of doing this on its own. Currently, If I try to configure the node to perform date time string to date type I get informed it’s not possible. Let’s have a look:

In the case above, the node complains that “Date needs a date, but does not support a time, time zone or offset!”
The better way, in my opinion, would be having an option to ignore the part of the input, either the date or the time part, I’m not interested in.

Hi @jan_lender

for your usecase I would first convert the strings into date&times and afterwards you can use the modify time node to remove the time.

Best wishes, Iris


Hi Iris,

Thank you for your quick reply. I did know the problem had its solution. Well, there would be more workarounds and even I have mentioned one.

Unfortunately, the solution you suggested wouldn’t work for me because my String to Date&Time produces Localized Date Time which is not a type the Modify Time node accepts as an input.

Hi @jan_lender

for me this work. Please see in the screenshot below. I can remove and modify the time of a Date&Time with zone column type.

Cheers, Iris


Hi, Iris,

Thanks again. Yes, you’re right, the columns are there. I didn’t see them before I changed the value of the radio group in the Time Selection section.

I apologize for the premature conclusion.

As I said it has its solution. You can modify a string input or a date&time output of the String to the Date&Time node. But I’m still convinced It’d be nice if it the only you had to do was using a single node that converted a string representation of a Date&Time (localized) value to a Date value. If you have a large workflow you always prefer having a single node over employing a number of nodes despite the fact you can collapse those nodes to a Metanode.

Nope, I need to apologize. We urgently need to make this node clearer. You cannot imagine how often I had to explain this until now :slight_smile:


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