Feature Request: user defined Global Variables

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Unsure if this is the correct forum for a feature request. If this post is misplaced, my apologies.

My feature request:

To create a node where I can create custom variables which I can then use anywhere in KNIME - from the paths in the different nodes to the Perl or Python scripting nodes.

Use of this feature:

I will list one extremely simple use. On several of my projects, I actually write my output to folders which I relate to my input. For example if I created a workflow to say search through a large number of files for a certain term and want to write out all the files which actually have that term to a folder named after the search term. If I had a way to define a variable, say var_search_term, which could be accessed anywhere in the workflow, so that I could tell the output writer to write the files which qualified to, say /scratch/search_terms/<USERVAR:var_search_term>/files/, or something else like that. This means I can build a complex workflow where if I changed my search term, I would not have to go around and change the contents of a hundred nodes.

I am not a Java programmer but am good with Perl and Python. I am a bioinformatics person with an extensive experience using different open source as well as commercial workflow tools. Please contact me if I can be of any more help.

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May be workflow variables could help here. If you are in the expert mode, just right-click on the workflow and then select "Workflow Variables". These variables will be available in all nodes.

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KNIME should dispense with the useless "expert mode" that only serves to hide a few nodes when not set.  Those nodes should be shown all the time without some extra mode.