Feature Request / Wait Node reset button

A reset button that will reset the existing time information on the wait node would be useful.

What exactly do you want to do here? Reset the nodes configuration to default?

Yes. just like that is true.

But then it just sets the waiting time to zero. Can you give an example in which situation you would use this?

Imagine that there are many meta nodes grouped into one large workflow, and they are all linked by a standby node. So there are multiple wait nodes.

For example; You want to change the timing of standby nodes in certain parts of your workflow. In the current situation, you have to open all of them and manually enter the time setting one by one.

If you had a simple reset / reset button you wouldn’t have to simply change all of them from 00:00:00. You can reset and enter the new time by pressing the reset button.

I think it is useful to change with batch selection or to change / rest with a single standby node.

Would it also be an option to configure all of those wait nodes with a single configuration node, e.g. string input? Then you only need to change a setting of a single node to adjust all the wait nodes in your workflow.

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This would be a very good feature. But it would be great to both reset a single node and reset multiple selected nodes at the same time and enter the same wait time.

For example, creating a standby node with multiple inputs and multiple outputs would be a better solution than creating multiple standby nodes individually. As an alternative option

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